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Flying the Palestinian Flag

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Should local councils fly the Palestinian flag? 

The Palestinian flag is to be flown by two Scots councils as a mark of support for the people of Gaza.

The flag will be flown from Glasgow City Chambers from 8am until 5pm on August 8. Fife Council have also confirmed the flag will be flown over Fife House for one week.

In a letter to the Mayor of Bethlehem, Glasgow's Lord Provost, councillor Sadie Docherty, offered condolences to the many people in the city and throughout Palestine who have been affected by the conflict in Gaza.

She wrote: "As Lord Provost of Glasgow I write in response to the statement issued by Bethlehem City Council in relation to the ongoing violence in Gaza. I offer heartfelt sympathy to the people of Gaza who are suffering during this most recent outbreak of violence.

"Glasgow is home to many friends of Palestine and this is a deeply distressing time for them. They represent a variety of ethnicities, political persuasions, faiths and none. However, they are united by a common desire to support the Palestinian people.

"In solidarity with Bethlehem and Palestine, Glasgow City Council will raise the Palestinian flag on Friday 8th August. We hope that peace can be found to ensure the human rights for the people of Palestine."

Fife Council say the decision to fly the Palestinian flag was to raise awareness of and protest against the suffering and death of the people of Gaza.

Council leader David Ross said: "I hope that by flying this flag we can raise awareness of the suffering of the people of Gaza and add strength to the public pressure for a lasting cease fire which can help bring about peace and stability in the area.

“I have been in contact with the leaders of all the political groups represented on the Council and with the Provost. With some reservations, there is a general consensus that we should fly this flag now and look at whether there is anything else we can do as a Council to add our voice to the world wide condemnation of the events currently taking place in Gaza .

“This action is not in support of any specific organisation but simply in solidarity with the people of Gaza to show our concern for their suffering and to call for a lasting cease fire.

“This reflects the strength of feeling that was at the march for Gaza, held in Kirkcaldy last Saturday."


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