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Monday, 22 June 2020 13:29

Up Yer Brexit T-Shirt

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Based on the Up Yer Kilt design of the 70s and 80s. View the Up Yer Brexit t-shirt.
Footage of Tory MPs laughing at a joke about Scottish slaves in the House of Commons has resurfaced and sparked a backlash, hours after Boris Johnson claimed that Britain was…
From Martin J Keatings: Dear Backers, As you will recall from my email last week, we opposed the motion to sist (pause the case) for 3 months and the Court…
A joint open letter has been sent to the Lord Advocate following the arrests and charging of two Scottish journalists. The letter has been signed by prominent international figures from…
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Supporting Independent Scottish Media

With all the goings on just now with the BBC and alleged copyrighted videos being the cause of the removal of a couple of independence supporter's accounts on youtube. I wonder what , or who is next? So it is important to show support for the Scottish independent media.

Below are RSS Feeds to some of the top websites. You can add them to your own Rss Feed Reader, or subscribe to their website for updates etc..

Wings Over Scotland

06 July 2020

The world's most-read Scottish politics website
  • The cat and all the pigeons
    Our most extra-specially alert readers may have recently noticed the website of some dodgy...
  • Premature chickens
    We were looking for something else this afternoon, but accidentally found this: Just two weeks...
  • Shiny beads and trinkets
    Even by the intellectual standards of the Scottish media, this is a stupid question: But just to...
  • The indivisible kingdom
    Holiday Boy is on holiday again. But this week we stumbled across a genuine piece of artwork that...
  • The trail of breadcrumbs
    Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new World Speed-Reading Champion: Almost 1200 words in 15 seconds...

SCOT goes POP!

06 July 2020

A pro-independence blog by James Kelly - voted one of Scotland's top 10 political websites.

Wee Ginger Dug

06 July 2020

Biting the hand of Project Fear

Random Public Journal

06 July 2020

News, opinion and analysis on the things that matter to you.
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