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Why do the Labour PLP and Sadiq Khan say that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable?

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So, according to the guardian today, Sadiq Khan thinks the Labour Party cannot win under Corbyn and is going to vote for Owen Smith.

In last years' General Election, there were only 30.7 million people that voted, and the Conservatives got 11.3 million votes.  15.7 million people did not vote. 

What about the 15.7 million registered voters? Are they not worth trying to capture, to engage them in politics? Or perhaps they think that the political system is so insidious, that voting will make no difference?

How about all coming together to become the opposition that is needed, and engage the millions that did not vote, instead of trying to bullying your leader into resigning and disengaging thousands of your members?

At the last count, I heard that the Labour party had over 600,000 members. Over 180,000 members signed up in the two-day window deadline the other week.

If Jeremy Corbyn is so unelectable, why has the membership soared? Where have these people come from? Why were they not members of the Labour Party before, under previous leaders? Why are hundreds, if not thousands of people attending his rallies?

It seems to me that the real reason that they are all saying that Jeremy Corbyn is not electable is because he is not for sale to the highest bidder.


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