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What do the Scottish Conservatives stand for?

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With the forthcoming council elections, I thought I would remind myself what the Scottish Conservative and Unionst Party Stands for.

The following is from their website ( - in bold is my comments:



  • We are a patriotic party of the Scottish centre-right which stands for freedom, enterprise, community and equality of opportunity.
    • Freedom, well they don't mean freedom of movement, and considering they are going to be making modifications to our human rights etc... I'll take this with a pinch or salt. 
    • Enterprise - oh yeah, for the big businesses - the 1%
    • Comunity and equality of opportunity - yup, if you are a high earner
  • We are a party of choice, responsibility, localism, low taxation and strong but limited government.
    • A party of choice - what on earth does that mean? 
    • Responsibility - like the #toryelectionfraud?
    • Localism - hmmmm
    • Low taxation - yup, for the big businesses - the 1% - you sure are
    • A limited government - yup, you said it
  • We are a party which champions individual choice. Scottish Conservatives believe that people and not government make the decisions that are best for themselves, their families and communities.
    • Ha - yeah, the people make decisions that are best for themselves - lol, you mean the state owned media peddling their #fakeNews trying to manipulate the people and their choices
  • We are a party of responsibility. Scottish Conservatives believe that people must take responsibility for the decisions they make and bear the consequences if they break the law. Freedom cannot exist without responsibility and respect for the rule of law.
    • So true, but only if you are of low income/working class 
  • We are a party of localism. Scottish Conservatives believe that decisions should be made as close to the people as possible. Big government stifles local action. We believe in re-empowering local communities.
    • Don't believe the hype
  • We are a party of low taxation. Scottish Conservatives want to see people keep more of the money they earn and not have it eaten up by excessive government spending. We believe in prioritising the family budget over the government budget.
    • Yeah, we know about the low taxation - that's why companies like Google and Amazon pay such low tax - that's also why the big oil companies are getting paid to extract Scotland's oil, while paying off thousands and thousands of staff and still paying shareholders billions and billions of pounds
  • We are a party of strong but limited government. Scottish Conservatives believe in government that is strong in its guarantee of security, freedom and civil liberties, but limited in its size, cost and ability to interfere in the day to day lives of individuals, families and businesses.
    • Yup, a limited government living on borrowed money and borrowed time
    • They guarantee us security when they are using it as barganing chips with the EU - oh yeah, and trident is a deterrent to terrorists, isn't it?
    • Freedom and civil liberties - of course, that's why they are spying on us and want to stop WhatsApp using encryption - that's why they are scrapping human rights and workers rights and producing their own version
    • Limited in size - well, you don't have that many members. Cost - unlimited I'd imagine with all the 1% donors they have. Ability to interfere - yup - the continous reduction of Scotland's budget, capping tax credits, scrapping public sector contractors, attempting to take more tax from the self emplued, EVEL and so on, and so on......
  • Oh, and they forgot to add that they support the #rapeclause
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