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The plotting Scotland In Union is exposed by Wings Over Scotland

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What a laugh it has been the past few days.

The Rev. Stuart Campbell @ Wings over Scotland has exposed a group from Scotland In Union.

They have a co-ordinated group of letter writers that send letters to Scottish Newspapers - The Green Ink Gang. As you could imagin,  the letters consist of anti-independence, SNPBad, or anything that isn't Union related.


Then today, it came to light that Scotland In Union has a spreadsheet on Google Docs, that was not password protected, so anyone could acess it, if they had the link. The spreadsheet lists all donors with their names, addresses, telephone numbers, amount of donation, in order of worth.  It looks like Scotland In Union have breached the Data Protection Act, with this spreadsheet - this should get interesting.

The article was taken down from the Wings Over Scotland website, as Scotland In Union have sent Stuart Campbell an email from their solicitor.

How on earth does Scotland In Union not have the capabilities to practice security? It is not difficut to password protect a Google Spreadsheet.

Since this news broke out, the National has had an aticle regarding the the letter writing, but this has not made it to the other national newspapers - suprise, suprise.  I suppose this latest fiasco for Scotland In Union highlights that the Scottish mainstream media are not fit for purpose.

On a happier note, I just had to share this tweet, that I came across, with you:





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