Tuesday, 11 October 2016 23:30

Shadow Secretary Emily Thornberry talking sense at the Aleppo Debate

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"If we say those things about Russia and Aleppo we must be prepared for what they say about Saudi Arabia and Yemen."

"We cannot condemn one and continue selling arms to the other, we cannot call for investigations into one and say to the other that we are happy for them to investigate themselves. We cannot pour scorn on the assurances of one that they have not hit civilian targets while blithely accepting the assurances of the other. Most of all, Mr Speaker, We cannot cry for the people of Aleppo and the suffering they face while turning a blind eye to the million children in Yemen facing starvation."

Emily Thornberry also challenged the government on their eagerness to intervene in in Syria, she is against a no-fly zone and was arguing for “more statesmanship and less brinkmanship.”

She insisted that she was “not a pacifist” but added, "Personally I believe that in a multi-playered, multi-faceted civil war such as Syria, the last thing we need is more parties bombing. What we need is a ceasefire and in fact for people to draw back."

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