Sunday, 26 October 2014 11:44

Labour imposed 'Bedroom Tax Gagging Order' in Scotland

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Pressure has increased on the Labour Party after a national newspaper revealed that its UK leadership actively prevented the Scottish party from criticising the Bedroom Tax for a full year.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Ed Miliband barred Johann Lamont from speaking out against the Bedroom Tax while he pondered what Labour's policy on it should be.

The newspaper said a source close to Ms Lamont told a reporter: "They told Lamont not to condemn it (the Bedroom Tax) for a year while Ed made up his mind."

The revelation will pile pressure on Ed Miliband's party which is still reeling from the shock resignation of its leader in Scotland. Claims that Ed Miliband issued a 'gagging order' preventing Scottish MSPs and MPs from speaking out has been seized on by Labour's opponents, with the SNP branding the revelation 'astonishing'.

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