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How about some Austerity Policies on the UK Government, enforced by The People?

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Not sure about you, but I'm getting fed up of the Austerity forced on the people, by the UK Government.

Surely if they were that serious about paying off the National Debt, they'd reduce their own, personal spending? You know, the money they spend on expenses etc... Considering they get far more than the living wage, why do they need to spend so much on expenses?

The basic salary for an MP is £79,468.00. Some MPs get paid extra for a special job, for example, the Speaker, and the Chairs of Committees. Most MPs are also ministers and are paid an exta salary. All right for some - eh?


Below is an extract from the PDF on the parliament website, and how much an MPs wages have increased since 1997:

Mps Wages Increase since 1997

Have your wages increased by almost 50% in 20 years? I know mine have not.

Select Committe Chairs Additional Salary


From the MPs' Expenses website

All Mps Expenses

 Is this shocking? Is it not about time that we, the people, demanded Austerity on the UK Government?

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  • Comment Link Justin Sunday, 22 March 2020 19:34 posted by Justin

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  • Comment Link Am Bodach Sunday, 29 December 2019 19:36 posted by Am Bodach

    Hmm. I want my MP to be on the case for their core policies, working through constituents issues and their special interests. Is a GP or an MP more able to bring change? We have 10,s of thousands of docs but only 650 MPs. Surely an MP is worth more than a doc.

    I want them to have well funded offices to carry out the duties we need of them. If you don't think your MP is worth it get another. But someone has to do what their duties and I want someone elected please.


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