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Austerity is a Scam a Hoax a Fraud

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Mark McGowan, the Artist Taxi Driver, also known as @chunkymark is creating an Anti Austerity film project exposing this Government and a Powerful Wealthy Elite. He's setup an Indiegogo crowd funding project, and he needs our help. This is what he says:

This is an Anti Austerity film project exposing this Government and its austerity programme as a scam a hoax and a fraud!!! While the richest people in the country see their wealth doubled the poorest most vulnerable are punished. The case for cuts for austerity is a lie why does Britain still believe it???

The Tories, David Cameron and George Osborne are about to announce an emergency austerity budget. Austerity is ideological it doesn't have to happen.

As bankers get ever bigger bonuses and £385 billion!!!! in Quantitative Easing vital local services are cut or even closed.

As private landlords get £26.7 billion from public monies and greedy rich property developers seize social housing handed to them by local councils, families are being evicted and made homeless. Welcome to David Cameron's Home Owning Democracy.

While massive corporations pay no tax the low-waged have seen their wages reduced and their rights attacked with low pay no pay zero hours contracts. The richest have seen their wealth doubled precisely because of the complicity and policies of this Government through its ideological austerity programme.

With Student Fees, the privatisation of Public Services, Schools Hospital's Fire Station's are all under threat, with stagnant public sector pay, the Right to Buy Housing Association homes, the renewal of Trident Fracking licenses Media attacks on immigrants and the divisive EU referendum this Government is riding on a wave of Banquets for the Rich Austerity for the Poor and Prejudice for the rest.

With looming massive welfare cuts to families children the disabled the unemployed the sick are being forced on to Iain Duncan Smiths slave labour Workfare programme and a million sanctioned off benefits and pushed towards food banks this at time when a Swiss Bank Tax Evasion deal is signed by the government giving immunity to prosecution and anonymity to rich parliamentarians hedge Funders and notables.

Local communities are being plundered under the frame of "Austerity" While bankers commit crimes of unimaginable proportions .. It's a scam a hoax a fraud!!!!

This is an anti Austerity film project which will expose this Government Bankers the Media and its agents of devouring Private Corporations run by a Powerful Wealthy Elite who profit from austerity and the pain of others.

The Artist Taxi Driver rides again.. Interviewing Whistleblowers Activists Campaigners People fighting against a system that has abandoned them Lords Baronesses MPs Doctors Nurses Workers Politico's Comedians.

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