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Sunday, 17 September 2017 21:56

Alexander Burnett - Holyrood's richest MSP

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Last week it was in the news that Alexander Burnett was found guilty of breaking Holyrood's code of conduct.

The millionaire (£40 million), failed to declare his business interests when submitting written parliamentary questions.

The parliament's standards commitee admonished him and did not consider the breach severe enough to justify further sanction.

Alexander Burnett's register of interests is more than 1000 words:

  • He is the beneficiary of multi-million pound Trusts, owns a property empire worth £20m and will continue to earn upwards of £100,000 for a maximum one day a month's work.
  • He is the sole owner of the AJA Burnett Estate in Aberdeenshire which has agricultural land, residential and commercial lettings as well as recreational, sporting and forestry interests.
  • The market value is worth around £10m, generating an annual income of up to £650,000.
  • Mr Burnett is expected to pay himself between £115,000 and £120,000 in 2016/17, despite expecting to spend a maximum of one day a month in the business.
  • He is a trustee and sole beneficiary of the Banchory Trust, which owns property in Aberdeenshire with a market value of between £14.6m and £14.7m.
  • While the trusts generate annual income of around £430,000 and £75,000 respectively, he says he does not expect to receive any income from either in the current parliament.
  • In addition he owns £10m of shares in the North Banchory Company, a property letting and development firm; £5.5m of shares in Bancon Developments Holdings Ltd, another property firm; almost £1m of shares in energy firm Hill of Banchory ESCo Ltd; and a further £140,000 of shares in another property business, the Inchmarlo Land Company Ltd.
  • His basic salary as an MSP is £61,778.

Source - The Herald

A proper man of the people, in his consistuency of Aberdeenshire West.

Alexander Burnett's ancestors:

  • According to the familiy website, "The Burnetts who went to the north east of Scotland did so after having been granted land there by the king, Robert the Bruce, for having supported him against Edward I of England in the War for Scottish Independence" - source -