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13 facts about the health service under the SNP

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Here’s what an SNP government has delivered. 

  • NHS Scotland patient satisfaction is at its highest level on record. Patient satisfaction continues to increase with 90 per cent of NHS Scotland patients rating their care and treatment as good or excellent.
  • The number of nurses, doctors and dentists working in Scotland’s NHS has increased, with staffing at a record high. And 1,000 new paramedics will be trained over the next five years, equipped with the skills to support people in the community.
  • Scotland’s A&E performance has been the best in the UK for 30 monthsThe core accident and emergency performance has remained better than elsewhere in the UK for the last 30 months of published data, from March 2015 to August 201.
  • Scotland has the highest number of GPs per head of the population in the UK, and the SNP Goverment  aim to increase the number of GPs in Scotland by at least 800 over the next decade. They’re also consulting GPs on a new contract to make general practice an even more attractive career prospect for doctors.
  • Free prescriptions - introduced by the SNP government - are saving people with chronic conditions over £100 a year.
  • Pay rises for the NHS staff have been delivered. A nurse in Scotland, at Band 5, is paid between £225 and £309 more than their English counterparts.
  • The SNP Government will invest an extra half a billion pounds into primary care, including GP services and health centres. Over this parliament, they will increase health spending by almost £2 billion. And they will increase spending on primary care services to 11 per cent of the frontline NHS budget.
  • In the last ten years cancer mortality is down 11 per cent. And, the SNP Government's new Cancer Strategy, backed up by £100 million in funding, will improve prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Scotland was the first country in the world to implement a national patient safety programme, and hospital safety is improving. Figures published show that between January to March 2014 and January to March 2017, hospital mortality has fallen by 8.4 per cent.
  • Scotland was the first country in the UK to have a mental health waiting times target. Spending on mental health services in Scotland will break the £1 billion mark for the first time this year and, they’ve published a new ten-year strategy to transform mental health services too.
  • Scotland has been ranked in the top ten countries in Europe for palliative care. New research from the University of Glasgow shows that across a number of end of life services, Scotland is in the top ten across the EU. Their Strategic Framework for Action on Palliative and End of Life Care will ensure we continue to improve services.
  • The SNP Government have expanded access to IVF so that it is now the most generous in the UK. From 1 April 2017, new patients referred for IVF treatment on the NHS in Scotland may be eligible for three full cycles rather than two, increasing their chances of conceiving a baby. Families who have children in the home but where one parent has no biological children are now be eligible too.
  • Since the SNP came to office the number of people registered with an NHS dentist has almost doubled. And 96 per cent of adults from Scotland’s most deprived communities are registered with an NHS dentist.
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