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Majority of UK coronavirus cases traced to France and Spain, due to airports not being locked down Featured

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According to the Daily Mirror, just 0.08% of the UK's cases came from China.

The majority of cases came from Spain, France, Belgium and Italy - all holiday destiations favoured by Brits.

Scientists believe that 90% of coronavirus cases can be traced back to these hotspots. 

A new study, led by infectious disease expert Professor Oliver Pybus and published on, analysed genomes of virus samples from 16,500 infected Brits.

These were then compared to almost 12,000 SARS-CoV-2 samples from around the globe, with 34 per cent said to have originated in similar strains from Spain.

Another 29% came from France, 15% from Belgium, and 14% Italy, while just 0.08% of the UK's cases came directly from China where the pandemic started, according to the study.

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