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Are We Better Together Aberdeen City Council #Indyref2

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Labour PROPAGANDA to be sent to all Aberdonians?

Aberdeen City Council is considering sending a self-congratulory letter to all Aberdeen residents -- to be paid for by the taxpayers!

Obviously worried about the prospect of being turfed out of office next May, the Labour-led administration's letter will be signed by Council leader Jenny Laing, and is expected to cost around £100,000. It will say:&nbsp"We all know people who have been hurt by this oil and gas crisis. But the citizens of Aberdeen are no strangers to such difficulties; we are used to being independent, determined and resilient. The Labour-led administration at Aberdeen City Council has not shirked from its responsibilities. We have put in place plans to make our great city just as proud and prosperous as it has been for hundreds of years."

“New schools, affordable and council housing and roads infrastructure projects, including the Third Don Crossing, Dyce Drive, the AWPR and £23million for the Berryden Corridor, are already completed or underway. Our 25-year, 49-project, City Centre Masterplan shows that we have 'pushed party politics to the side' in order to build a legacy which will mean thousands of new jobs and the potential of £1billion of investment in our economy. The impact of what is essentially the greatest regeneration programme our city has ever seen will be enormous and set in motion a series of events which will guarantee an even greater quality of life in Aberdeen, as well as our future economy, for years to come.”  It should be noted that it was the SNP Government which was the motive force for getting the AWPR bypass completed, and the SNP group on the Council which pushed through the building of the Third Don Crossing -- despite years of opposition from Labour.  For obvious reasons, the letter will not mention Labour's "Marischal Square" debacle!

This appears to be a repeat of the taxpayer-funded propaganda exercise carried out by Labour in June 2014, when 113,000 houiseholders received a letter along with their Council Tax bill, signed by the then Council leader Barney Crockett. This was to urge Aberdonians to vote No in the Independence Referendum. SNP group leader Stephen Flynn said the idea was “outrageous." He added: "This is nothing more than Labour Party political propaganda, and they should be embarrassed about even talking about it. This is coming from a Council that constantly complains about 'having no money',  but seems to be quite happy about spending £100,000 of taxpayers' money!"

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