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Sunday, 18 February 2018 15:19

Why don't we, the tax payer decide whether RBS gets to close branches?

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What sort of world is it we  live in, when we, the tax payer bails out RBS, but we don't get a say in whether they get to close branches or not?

Perhaps the question should be, what sort of government bails out RBS, without a set of conditions?

The conditions should have been:

No bonuses to be paid.

No bnouses to be paid.

No bonuses to be paid.

No bonuses to be paid.

When Theresa May was asked about the RBS Closures by Ian Blackford SNP MP, at Prime Ministers Questions, her response as usual, was nonsense.

Why act like the matter was out of her hands? Perhaps it is because the Chairman of RBS is another , "Sir",  and it is just the usual establishment affiliation, where the rich come first, and everyone else doesn't.

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