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What big business has really said about independence !

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 Update: Since publishing this blog two major figures in business have backed a YES vote including British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association CEO of the Year John Innes.

Innes intends to vote yes in next month’s referendum, noting that too many people use “change” and “risk” as synonymous terms.  He says: “Many companies fail because of their inability to change”, he says”. “You stand or fall by your own efforts – you are not reliant on a third party. That maxim has always served me well in business.”

Now the outgoing boss of one of the UK’s most prominent companies has explained for the first time his decision to back independence for Scotland.

Ralph Topping, outgoing Chief Executive of betting giant William Hill plc and is one of Britain’s foremost business leaders with 44 years’ experience, said that a Yes vote will improve “life chances for future generations”. The company itself is neutral on independence.

“I firmly believe independence is the jobs opportunity of a lifetime,” said Scots-born Mr Topping, who lives in Scotland and will have a vote on September 18th.

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